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Environment Brush Pack (11 Procreate Brushes)

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This brush set includes 11 brushes perfect for drawing any environment - both landscapes, cityscapes, clouds or just a simple background!

Since I started using these brushes for my environment pieces and backgrounds, it's saved me so much time and upped the quality of my work a ton.

My favorite brushes in the set are marked with a Star (⭐️) symbol, and descriptions of each brush are included on this page.

The artwork on this page has been made using only these brushes.

I hope you will like them!

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You'll get 11 brushes for Procreate listed below

⭐️ Block Brush
Blocking out buildings, mountains, sharp renders, etc.
Textured Block Brush
Add texture to structures or subjects
Oval Block Brush
Block Brush with rounded edges
Sharp Round Brush
Super sharp edges, for anything round
⭐️Textured Square Brush
Add texture to anything
Sharp Square Brush
Super sharp edges, for any square shape
⭐️Thin Flat Brush
My favorite for water rendering
Shaping Brush
For grass, shading on mountains, landscaping in general
Scratchy Brush
My favorite for clouds
⭐️ Tapered Paint Brush
For anything tapered, especially details
Super Texture Brush
Gives grainy look, not a completely "blocky" shape
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Environment Brush Pack (11 Procreate Brushes)

3 ratings
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