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Ultimate Brush Pack (30 Procreate & Photoshop Brushes)

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In this brush pack I have included all my own brushes - 30 in total.

Personally, I do not use other brushes then these as they cover all my needs as a digital artist who draws people, environments, animals and more.

My favorite brushes in the set are marked with a Star (⭐️) symbol, and descriptions of each brush are included on this page.

For Procreate: The pack can be downloaded as either all 30 brushes in one set, or all brushes split up into 4 smaller packs in the categories "Line", "Blend", "Paint" and "Detail & Special" to make navigating the brushes easier.

The artwork on this page, and almost all my art the past 1.5 year, has been made using only these brushes.

I hope you will like them!

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You'll get 30 brushes for Procreate listed below

Sketch Brush
Textured sketching brush, similar to sketching with a pencil
⭐️ Tapered Line Brush
My favorite brush for sketching and also line art
Ink Line Brush
Similar to an ink pen, good to use for sharp lines
Clean Line Art
Less textured version of the sketching brush, great for line art
Triple Line Brush
For interesting renders, I personally use it a lot for hair details
Hard Round Brush
For laying down colors, erasing and blending hair
Rough Smudge Brush
If you don't want a completely smooth blend, this brush works great for that
⭐️ Smooth Blend Brush
My favorite blending brush ever
For cleaning up sharp blends or adding softness
⭐️ Square Brush
Sharp painting, personally I use it a lot for painting hair
⭐️ Fluffy Square Brush
My favorite shading brush, gives that soft look but still has a bit of sharpness
⭐️ Painting Brush
Slightly tapered, slightly textured, good for shading
Rhomboid Brush
Works like the square brush and I sometimes use this instead
Flat Square Brush
I use this a lot for backgrounds
Vertical Flat Brush
My favourite brush for shading clothes
Fluffy Flat Brush
I personally use this for clouds, bushes and similar things
⭐️ Rounded Edge Flat Brush
My favorite brush for backgrounds
Flat Rhomboid Brush
Unique shape that can be very useful
⭐️ Oval Brush
Favorite brush to draw plants, trees, etc.
Tilted Oval Brush
For shading, rendering and cleaning up
⭐️ Render Brush
Favorite detailing brush, I use it for almost all my smaller highlights
Lash/Brow Brush
I use this for singular lashes or brow hairs
Soft Strokes Brush
Best used as groups of lashes, not as sharp as the singular lash/brow brush
⭐️ Simple Hair Strokes Brush
Favorite hair brush, I use it in the end to give the hair more life and shape
Hair Strokes Brush
Similar to Simple Hair Strokes Brush, but with more hair strokes
Freckles Brush
Use a soft hand when using this, creates a layer of natural looking freckles
Dot Sparkles Brush
I love sparkles and this adds a random group of them
Dot Sparkle Stamp Brush
For adding sparkles to jewellery, stars, etc.
Sparke Stamp Brush
Same principle as the dot sparke stamp, but this is shaped as a sparkly star
Textured Dot Brush
I use this to add singular freckles/moles
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Ultimate Brush Pack (30 Procreate & Photoshop Brushes)

11 ratings
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